About Us

VEEDIMS has successfully developed a robust loT platform that is poised to become a global leader in its space.

Our engineers come from all over the world and now call South Florida home. Many of us have worked with the military, and the top Fortune 500 technology companies. We are a diverse group of passionate visionaries, technologists, designers, coders and engineers working together to bring the IoT to life so our customers can do all kinds of innovative things…. with things.


Who we are

We are passionate inventors and developers always looking for ways to make things smarter. We not only have great ideas, we figure out a way to bring them to life with intense ingenuity and commitment. Our goal is to deliver products and services to help integrators and developers do their job faster and easier with time saving features and more efficient solutions. Our mission as a team is to help make the world a more smarter,connected place.

Abstract illustration with logistics infrastructure

What we do

The VEEDIMS IoT platform utilizes hardware to connect, control and collect data from things such as sensors, motors, valves, pumps, lighting, HVAC and more. The system's software and cloud secures and stores the data, applies analytics, algorithms, and generates user-friendly reports to make sense of the data. Our platform gives creative freedom to third party developers for rich UI design creations, customized reports, and complete control of the data to design solutions based on specific custom requirements.


How we do it

VEEDIMS provides an API/SDK to developers and users to connect to our platform to collect data.  It also allows you to build your own IoT solution using the VEEDIMS platform, as well as the ability to create your own customized UIs.  VEEDIMS can provide the user with training courses in order to better understand the platform to customize almost any possible solution.