Poised to revolutionize aerospace industry

VEEDIMS continues to build credibility as a powerful player in the aerospace market and is uniquely suited to impact this frontier by providing a seamlessly integrated platform of hardware and software capable of connecting, monitoring, controlling and managing electrical and electronic systems. VEEDIMS is now well positioned to help the world’s air framers become integrated neural networks with VEEDIMS IoT intelligence pulsating through the cabin.

VEEDIMS has developed an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for the aerospace industry that has undergone various aerospace-testing events necessary to obtain requisite FAA certifications and performed exceedingly well, both in terms of power management and cyclic operational testing. It also achieved 100% more test cycles than what is necessary for the certification. Power testing resulted in an impressive 40% decrease in energy usage. The VEEDIMS ECU is 30% smaller, weighs less and has VEEDIMS IoT technology which allows any connected device to become “smart”.