Industry Solutions

VEEDIMS revolutionary and flexible IoT platform allows us to provide state of the art solutions for the marine, construction, aerospace, and automotive industries.


Revolutionizing the boating experience

Transport your boat into a floating experience with VEEDIMS. Our end-to-end IoT platform and in-depth knowledge of marine applications takes boating into the 21st century with exciting new features such as WiFi, social media, bluetooth, remote monitoring and control of lighting, climate control systems, instant alerts via text and email, and stunning, customizable graphics and interfaces in an all glass helm. VEEDIMS data is collected in a time-series environment to allow for the most accurate and precise method of looking at historical data which allows for predictive analytics and troubleshooting. All of these benefits also allow for much greater operating efficiency.

Work Boats

VEEDIMS enables your vessels to run more efficiently than ever before. The VEEDIMS system delivers real-time intelligence 24/7/365 for a comprehensive view of vessel fuel consumption on the bridge, or remotely while continuously monitoring the performance of all the engines. VEEDIMS enables its users to gain the highest level of data accuracy through time-series data collection, top security in cloud storage, and the ability to perform predictive analytics with historical trend reports, trip reports, operating reports and more. VEEDIMS IoT platform safely and securely connects to disparate devices, controls and collects time-series data, and then applies analytics and algorithms to make sense of the data for easy viewing on helm displays or remote devices. 



VEEDIMS is your direct connection to unprecedented level of comfort, performance and value through solutions that have never been seen in the luxury yacht market. We merge the real and virtual worlds of information to create system intelligence with more technologically advanced and reliable loT solutions.


Text about VEEDIMS Yacht solutions


Partnering with boat manufacturers who take innovation through design and engineering seriously, VEEDIMS is committed to support vessels for commercial, defense and law enforcement with our "black box" solution to monitor and store real-time and time-stamped historical data of all onboard electronics, electrical systems, sensors and engines.

The Maritime Observation Module “MOM”, developed by VEEDIMS, is the first true “Black Box” solution for boats from 18 to 100 feet. The MOM monitors and stores real-time and time stamped historical data of all onboard electronics, electrical systems, sensors and engines, plus other sensors that are built into the MOM box.

MOM continuously collects data in a time stamped format for further analysis in “Trip Data Reports” (TDR) and “Trend Analysis Reports” (TAR) while still providing real-time access to the vessel for easy and efficient fleet wide management. TDR’s show course, speed, RPM’s, law enforcement lights and siren usage, AIS information, pitch and roll plus a host of other data that can be customized to your needs. TARs are used to spot equipment wear and tear, record malfunctions and give notifications of when maintenance is needed, providing for more reliability and higher accountability, thus extending the life of your fleet.

MOM’s monitoring and historical data can be accessed according to your requirements, either through VEEDIMS’ secure cloud or through your very own secure cloud for live monitoring and access to the historical data. Also, some may want the data to reside solely onboard for recovery after an incident. The data collected is so powerful that VEEDIMS enables the user to show how everything was acting during any slice of time. This data can then be transformed into a 3D animation of the vessel, recreating a period in time showing all variables such as location, pitch, roll, speed, wind direction, wind speed, RPM’s, were the lights and siren on, etc.

MOM’s logic-packed circuitry was designed requiring no special software or hardware updates to the existing vessel design, thus allowing for easy installation for the collection of data points. MOM has the ability to collect information from over 900+ sensors without any special software designs.

A small sample list of data points for real-time and historical data collection

  • Pitch Heading
  • Roll Present Location
  • Altitude Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed Water Depth
  • Water Temp Speed Over Ground
  • RPM Next Time to Service
  • Engine Trim Fuel Level
  • Fuel Consumption Video
  • Oil Pressure Battery Voltage
  • Battery Voltage Shift Position
  • Engine Water Temps. Bilge Water Level
  • Distance Travelled
  • Siren Usage
  • Engine Hours
  • Engine Water Pressure
  • FLIR
  • Fuel Economy
  • AIS Information
  • Course
  • Law Enforcement Lights
  • Fuel Flow
  • Waypoints